Narratives, participatory research and preliminary results: SHOWCASE at the University of Seville

28 March 2023

Last Thursday (16 March 2023), Elena Velado-Alonso (EBD-CSIC) was invited to present her SHOWCASE results at a PhD seminar at the University of Seville. She highlighted the project’s overall goals and efforts, as well as her work in one of the Experimental Biodiversity Areas (EBA) – Guadalquivida, Spain.

The Spanish EBA is composed of a living community of stone fruit farmers, scientists and other stakeholders who look for common solutions to finding an equilibrium between intensive production and biodiversity conservation.

This multi-stakeholder approach provided us with valuable insights on the challenges of doing ecology participatory research with farmers, but also the advantages of putting ecological knowledge into practice through the lens of practitioners.”, says Elena.

Participants at the seminar also reflected on how to improve the efficiency of scientific communication by knowing the audience, understanding their frameworks and discourses, and building a strategic narrative adapted to each context.

Photo: Elena presenting her SHOWCASE research at the University of Seville.