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Start insects counting with InsectsCount

14 May 2024

SHOWCASE has recently launched an insect counting web application where farmer collectives, environmental organisations and citizen scientists can record and share their data from standardised counts after starting an observer community. 

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Study highlights profitability as a key barrier to biodiversity-friendly farming

31 January 2024

This article offers valuable insights into an important obstacle hampering the adoption of biodiversity-friendly farming. 

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Farming with biodiversity

7 September 2023

The article provides more information on a SHOWCASE project researching the costs and benefits of nature-friendly agricultural management that is being conducted in Geuldal. 

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'Farming with biodiversity: how?'

23 August 2023

The article highlights the rise in societal pressure for biodiversity in farming, reflected in circular agriculture proposals by governments. 

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Higher yields of biodiversity-friendly farming do not yet outweigh costs

4 July 2023

Farmers wanted: follow butterflies with app this summer

19 June 2023

The article provides more information about the new InsectsCount app that is part of the SHOWCASE project and invites farmers to participate. 

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'Farmers should be paid generously'

24 December 2022

The article discusses the potential future for farmers in nature-inclusive practices but highlights the necessity for changes in government policy to make this feasible. WUR researcher David Kleijn emphasizes that for agriculture to integrate with nature, there must be substantial financial support provided to farmers engaged in nature-inclusive practices.

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Bending the curve of biodiversity: Research-based policy brief available at COP15

9 December 2022

Bird's-eye view of a European project: SHOWCASE’s open access collection

30 November 2022

Hungarian researcher heads the advisory board of the BIODIVERSA+ partnership

27 September 2022

The forest bumblebee is back in the Netherlands

8 August 2022

Wageningen researcher David Kleijn and colleagues describe the project in which they investigate the return of the forest bumblebee in the Netherlands after disappearing in 1954. 

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Things are not going well for insects in the Netherlands, right? That depends on who you ask

20 May 2022

This article explores scientists' views on whether insect populations are in danger in the Netherlands. 

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Feeling biodiversity in the farmer’s pocket

1 May 2022

People have started to care about insects. Now we need action, say experts

21 March 2021

EU project will SHOWCASE the path to biodiversity-friendly farming

15 December 2020

SHOWCASE - Showcasing synergies between agriculture, biodiversity and ecosystem services

12 December 2020

Bringing together Agriculture and Biodiversity

7 December 2020