Analysing the science-policy interface with SHOWCASE’s Еarly Career Researchers

11 October 2023

SHOWCASE recently organised its third workshop for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) led by Prof. Simon Potts from the University of Reading on 10 October 2023.

As an expert in the science-policy interface, Simon focused on illustrating how scientific work can interact with policy and the value behind such initiatives. During the workshop, Simon shared his own experiences in transitioning from a primarily empirical scientist to an active participant in the science-policy interface. He emphasised the importance of taking part in opportunities like calls for evidence, science-policy workshops, and internships to build relationships and understand the different communication styles in the field.

One key point discussed was the integration of policy into research from the get-go by collaborating with stakeholders to co-define problems and co-develop solutions. SHOWCASE's work in its 12 Experimental Biodiversity Areas was presented as a practical example of this strategy. The workshop also stressed the importance of translating research into a format that maintains scientific rigour while presenting the most relevant messages for policymakers in an accessible manner. Lastly, participants engaged in discussions about navigating uncertainty and being transparent about the limitations of one's knowledge.

As we look forward to the next ECR workshop, you can catch up on workshops 1 and 2