Why are bees so important and why are they in decline? Video explains

25 March 2022

Bees are essential for many aspects of our ecosystems, including the preservation of ecological balance and biodiversity in nature. There are more than 20.000 different bee species and around 75% of our crops depend on their pollination services. Their diversity supports the growth of a variety of trees and plants, contributing to complex ecosystems that allow many species to coexist. Their existence, however, is increasingly threatened by human-driven factors, such as the destruction of forests to build cities, the use of pesticides on crops, and the introduction of new and potentially dangerous species. 

Since bee decline is as pertinent as ever, SHOWCASE has decided to share a relevant video from its archives. To better explain this issue and advise on how we can prevent bee decline, SHOWCASE partner Ignasi Bartomeus and J.Luis Ordóñez conceptualised a short informative video. In it, researchers explain what is happening to bees and how to stop it.

The identified actions contributing to bee preservation are:

  • better maintaining landscapes by safeguarding natural areas

  • making crops more bee-friendly by growing native flowers in them

  • avoiding or at least minimising the use of pesticides. 

Stopping bee decline depends on all of us. If you want to find out how you can contribute, watch the explanatory video on our Media Centre. The video is available in English and Spanish.

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