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SHOWCASE research kicks off with first EBA samplings

26 February 2021

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel-related setbacks it has imposed on researchers all over the world, SHOWCASE still manages to begin field work! 

The first samplings in the Spanish experimental biodiversity area (EBA) took place in the Guadalquivir valley. Researchers are currently monitoring which pollinators visit fruit trees in different farms. The motive for this monitoring activity is to find out what the biodiversity statusquo in the EBA is by the time the project begins, and before any actions and measures have been implemented.

The outcome of the initial measurement aims to provide a baseline for further investigation in biodiversity-friendly agriculture. Future research actions will focus on showcaing synergies between economic incentives and biodiversity protection in agriculture.

Photo: Native bee species pollinating. Credit: Curro Molina (CSIC).