SHOWCASE policy: SHOWCASE's policy brief on the Horizon Results Platform

30 October 2023

On 27 October, SHOWCASE made one of its key exploitable results available on the Horizon Results Platform. Its publication contributes to the project’s objective of translating scientific research into practical insights that help tackle societal, economic, and environmental challenges.

The Horizon Results Platform (HRP), whose motto is "Making results matter", serves as a hub for exploring a wealth of research outcomes funded by the EU. Participants in the EU Research Framework Programmes have the opportunity to showcase their results, establish connections, and connect with stakeholders. Furthermore, the HRP plays a role in enhancing policymaking by allowing politicians to access the available policy-relevant research data.

Primarily because of its relevance for policy-related outcomes, SHOWCASE opted to publish its policy brief on the Horizon Results Platform. The policy brief provides policymakers with concrete research-based recommendations on how “Bending the curve of biodiversity loss requires rewarding farmers economically for conservation management”. It identifies five specific actions policymakers can take to trigger an uptake of nature-positive farming systems that reinforce biodiversity.