SHOWCASE partners present a checklist to improve reporting standards in ecological research in agriculture

18 September 2023

In an effort to enhance the quality and transparency of ecological research in agriculture, SHOWCASE members have introduced AgroEcoList 1.0, a reporting checklist designed to improve reporting standards in ecological research in agriculture. 

Many publications lack sufficient background information (e.g. location, replication level) to be interpreted, replicated, or reused for synthesis. Reporting checklists, such as AgroEcoList 1.0, have been shown to improve reporting standards. AgroEcoList 1.0 was designed by 23 experts based over 14 countries and included feedback from 345 respondents to our survey. It consists of 42 variables in seven groups: experimental/sampling set-up, study site, soil, livestock management, crop and grassland management, outputs, and finances. AgroEcoList 1.0 can serve as a guide for authors, reviewers, and editors to improve reporting standards in agricultural ecology.

To facilitate the use of AgroEcoList 1.0 in ecological research, SHOWCASE offers a simplified checklist version which can be used digitally or in print, easing the process of following the checklist’s variables.

Read the full publication here.