SHOWCASE partner ZALF to present at 7th ECCB Conference

14 June 2024

SHOWCASE partner, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), will participate in the 7th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB), which will take place on 17-21 June 2024, in Bologna, Italy. Kati Häfner, representing ZALF, will showcase research on farmer preferences for biodiversity labelling across Europe.

Kati’s presentation titled, "Farmers’ Preferences for Biodiversity Labelling in Four European Countries", will be delivered during the conference session "Symposium 137: Biodiversity-Friendly Food Labels and Certification: Perspectives for the European Agriculture and Conservation Policy". This session will take place on [DATE and TIME] and it will explore how biodiversity labels, which certify and highlight the biodiversity benefits of agricultural practices to consumers, can open new business opportunities for farmers.

The ECCB session on biodiversity labelling research will provide valuable insights into how biodiversity labelling can be tailored to meet the preferences of farmers in different regions, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of biodiversity-friendly practices in agriculture.

For more information about the ECCB is available on the ECCB's official website.

The abstracts for the Symposium 137 session are available here.

Image: Starting website page of the 7th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB)