SHOWCASE paper reported new records of arthropods from the Estonian biodiversity experimental area

22 December 2023

In a new SHOWCASE paper published in Check List the journal of biodiversity data, 44 previously unrecorded arthropods were found in Estonia, thus shedding light on the species-rich habitats of the coastal areas in Estonia.

SHOWCASE contributed at large to the new knowledge of Estonian biodiversity in the coastal grasslands – an important habitat at the EU level. Researchers recorded:

  • 11 new species of Araneae from the total 4,929 specimens and 118 species (~40% of the total species of spiders in Estonia);
  • 5 new species of Prostigmata from the 679 specimens and 11 new species of Mesostigmata from the 3,0006 specimens;
  • and 1 new record of ground beetles from the 3700 specimens and 88 species (~30% of the total ground beetle species in Estonia).

Some of these new records emerged through recent taxonomic revisions, showcasing the continual evolution of our understanding of biodiversity, especially in the coastal grasslands. Intriguingly, the presence of some species may hint at potential range shifts driven by climate change.

This study reinforces the importance of continual monitoring of ground-dwelling arthropods and the assessment of habitat suitability in the face of global changes for holistic biodiversity conservation.

For further details, please read the new SHOWCASE-supported paper at the following link: New records of arthropods from the priority Natura 2000 habitats in Estonian coastal areas (

Photo: Talavera thorelli (♀ dorsal view).