SHOWCASE insights on biodiversity-friendly farming featured in a Spanish media outlet

28 July 2023

During one of this year’s hottest days, which tested our fauna and flora, Ignasi Bartomeus, a project partner from the Doñana Biological Station, presented valuable insights on conserving natural habitats in the Spanish program Castilla-La Mancha Despierta.

The study he presented was conducted in an intensely cultivated region in France, where grasslands with reduced land-use intensity were established adjacent to sunflower fields to quantify the advantages of biodiversity-friendly farming. Results showed that maintaining these areas contributed to the conservation of pollinators and improved revenue through the positive effects on pollination service delivery. Ignasi noted that the advantage of conserving pollinator species lies in their ability to thrive without extensive resources or large spaces. Lastly, whilst also addressing the challenges of managing such spaces, Ignasi expressed hope in making agriculture compatible with biodiversity again by combining the best of both worlds.

Watch the full interview in Spanish here

Photo: Screen grab from Ignasi Bartomeus' interview with the Spanish program Castilla-La Mancha Despierta.