SHOWCASE on EIP-AGRI: facilitating the agricultural sector’s transition towards more sustainable farming

27 April 2023

SHOWCASE published its first practice abstract on the EIP-AGRI platform, aiming to facilitate knowledge transfer from practice-oriented projects to farmers, advisors, and other actors who might benefit from their results.

The project’s first practice abstract presents an overview of some of the regulatory and incentive instruments motivating European farmers to conserve biodiversity based on a literature analysis. The abstract also highlights that promising initiatives could include more measure-based and result-based approaches, with their uptake determined by farms’ characteristics, as well as farmers’ intrinsic motivations and the societal, community and landscape context they are placed in. 

SHOWCASE will continue to publish more practice abstracts translating important project results for the needs of practitioners.

Read the abstract here.

Photo: SHOWCASE on the EIP-AGRI platform.