New video release: AgroEcoList 1.0 enhances transparency in agricultural research

4 July 2024

In a bid to elevate the transparency and completeness of ecological research in agriculture, a new reporting checklist named AgroEcoList 1.0 has been introduced with a detailed explanatory video. Developed within SHOWCASE by the University of Reading, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, and through a collaborative effort involving 23 global experts and extensive community feedback, this checklist aims to address deficiencies in reporting standards in ecological research and agriculture that have been observed across scientific literature.

Reporting standards in ecological and agricultural research are crucial for accurately interpreting and replicating studies, yet evidence shows that many publications lack essential details such as a number of replicate plots. AgroEcoList 1.0 comprises 42 variables categorised into seven groups, covering aspects from experimental setup to financial considerations in agricultural ecology studies.

The checklist serves multiple purposes: as a memory aid for authors, reviewers and editors; a guide for data collection during study planning; and a template for inclusion in scientific papers or reports. By encouraging comprehensive reporting without overburdening authors, AgroEcoList 1.0 aims to facilitate automated data extraction and enhance the reproducibility and synthesis of research findings.

AgroEcoList 1.0 is expectđÁd to evolve with further revisions based on user feedback and emerging research needs, ensuring its relevance in advancing agricultural ecological studies worldwide.

To illustrate the checklist's advantages, a detailed explanatory video has been released, demonstrating its application in enhancing research integrity and impact. Check out the video here.

Image: Thumbnail from AgroEcoList 1.0 video