Navigating discourses in biodiversity and farming: SHOWCASE’s narrative in the RIO journal

1 August 2023

SHOWCASE recognises the importance of effective communication and dissemination in driving lasting project impact. To this end, the project has developed a tailored communication strategy, complete with a project narrative on biodiversity and farming. To enhance communication in the field and inspire transparency in research projects, SHOWCASE has made its deliverable D4.1 Overall communication strategy, along with an outline of the SHOWCASE narrative, available in its collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal.

The communication strategy and narrative have been designed to address the challenge of conflicting discourses surrounding biodiversity, nature conservation, and farming. The narrative crafted by SHOWCASE focuses on three cornerstone aspects: 1) why people care about biodiversity; 2) what we can do, and; 3) how we can do it better. By providing an engaging and inspirational narrative, SHOWCASE aims to bridge the gap between different stakeholders and promote a collaborative approach towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable farming practices.

Read the full communication strategy here

Photo: Conceptual summary of the dominant nature conservation narratives (in green). Fundamental ideas of each narrative are presented within black boxes, main storylines are preceded by a blue arrow, substory lines are preceded by a flux arrow (in blue when corresponding to narrative ideas, in orange for counter-discourses from the farming sector).