Youth Voices on Biodiversity: Road to COP15

14 May 2022
Chapinería, Spain

“Youth Voices on Biodiversity: Road to COP15” consists of a one-day outdoor event in which expert conferences, dynamic activities and workshops are combined. The conferences aim at raising awareness among participants and sparking debate about the importance of animal and plant biodiversity and how it plays a crucial role in both our environment and the achievement of the SDGs. Once this basis is built, the event intends to make young participants aware of their potential to have a real impact: Firstly, participants will get inspired through an activity of planting trees in the context of our association’s youth initiative #ATreeForEurope. Secondly, the workshops will give them useful tools on how to engage in the protection of biodiversity on a daily basis and will lead them to the creation of proposals for world leaders at COP15. Bringing young people together and giving them a space to reflect, get inspired and develop skills is the best way to encourage youth to take action.