Super-G Final Stakeholder Conference on Sustainable Permanent Grasslands (PG) in Europe: services, management and policies

7 February 2024

On February 7th, from 9:30 am to 4 pm CET, the SUPER-G team invites you to engage in a comprehensive discussion covering various aspects related to permanent grasslands (PG). The conference will delve into topics such as assessing the extent and condition of PG, exploring threats to PG and the delivery of essential ecosystem services (ES) and public goods. Participants will explore strategies for managing PG to enhance multiple public goods, emphasizing sustainable PG management practices. The event also aims to improve communication regarding PG types and their roles in farming systems, understanding farmer and citizen attitudes, preferences, and priorities in PG management, and exploring policy options to support sustainability. Additionally, discussions will touch upon the variability of food production and ES delivery concerning PG management intensity, and ways farmers can effectively showcase the public goods derived from their PG. This conference is a vital contribution to fostering sustainable PG management practices across Europe.

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